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The Browpixie's Tips for Happy Brows

Sparse of thinning brows? Many women suffer from this condition mainly due to over-tweezing/waxing, hormones, stress and vitamin deficiency. Remember beauty comes from within! Try these tips!

1. STOP THE PLUCKING! You ARE NOT a chicken! Your follicles are traumatized! Let then know it's safe to come back out by showing some mercy and putting the tweezers away! Normal hair re-growth for brows is 6-8 weeks if you want them to fill in properly. This time can vary depending on your health, age, burns and other skin and follicle traumas.

2. Up your vitamin intake, particulary vitamins D, C and E, as well as a silica supplement. I like Biosil. 

3. Give them a little love. Before bed, break open a capsule of vitamin E (35,000 ius or above) and spread the heavenly goo equally on both brows. Give a little massage lightly going with the hairs of the eyebrow, not against. This can cause blocked pores. Another option is to use an eyebrow brush. Always make sure your face, hands, and brow brush are clean!!! Bacteria is evil in this scenario.

4. You brush your hair right? Lightly brush your brows too. With each stroke you are increasing circulation and spreading your own natural oils to keep them happy and healthy.

5. When all else fails...Always use a little browpixie dust. Browboo by Browtopia. The ultimate in care and keeping for your eyebrows!

Available in fine spas, salons, boutiques, and of course, online!